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When transformation and innovation stagnate, the company slowly dies.

Our transformation experts help you to decline the strategy, create synergies, release energies.

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Romain Maltrud
Managing Director

01. Organization transformation

Coordinating work takes up far too much of the daily routine

60% of our time is spent on coordination tasks. This has a very significant impact on the actual work which remains a minority. The effective work is however that which makes progress!

To overcome this problem, it is necessary to automate the prioritization of tasks according to clearly identified priority definition criteria.

Free yourself from coordination work

Silos prevent the synergy necessary for the success of transformation and innovation projects

51% of traditional companies still suffer from an organization in silos (source: MIT). This mode of organization hinders your transformation.

To break down silos, you need to build mixed and diverse teams. By promoting these cross-functional interactions, the creative potential of your teams will explode.

Break down the silos

The non-alignment of concrete actions and company objectives is the greatest impediment to performance.

95% of employees do not understand their company’s strategy*. However, it is the sum of the thousands of individual actions of employees that makes it possible to realize the strategy for real.

There is a simple, fast and non-intrusive method to align actions and objectives. It is enough to regularly collect the impressions of the employees concerned by the achievement of the objective.

Align actions and objectives
02. The human factor

The loss of meaning of work leads to the disengagement of employees

Giving meaning and motivating has become a priority for 96% of French HRDs. The sustainable commitment of employees is based on the appropriation of the objectives and the culture of the company: everyone must feel the real contribution of their contribution to the company project.

To achieve this, it is essential to allow the traceability of objectives so that everyone sees the purpose of their daily work vis-à-vis the company’s vision.

Give meaning to everyone’s work

Crossing perspectives, expertise and cultures is necessary to understand the complexity

Power within teams depends on the social influence of each. It’s a human bias. The most charismatic employee takes the lead on a project, to the detriment of the most experienced employee.

The challenge is to bring together the right contacts, in the right place, at the right time, on the right subjects.

A good way to remedy this is to assess the knowledge of each member and discuss their suitability for the mission entrusted.

Boost diversity

A climate of general mistrust in the company prevents the release of energies in the field

55% of CEOs believe that a lack of trust is a threat to the growth of their business. In the era of decentralized organizations, lack of trust is all the more glaring.

To build trust, create matrix organizations with distributed powers. You must rise above and create an ecosystem where agility, velocity and speed become success factors.

Establish an atmosphere of trust
03. Future Of Work

Digital at the service of your transformation

To best support you in your transformation, we have developed a collaborative work organization platform.

Smart todo list

Free your employees from coordinating actions

Interdisciplinary teams

Create pop-up interdisciplinary teams in just a few clicks

Alignment of objectives and actions

Collect regular stakeholder judgment

Goal traceability

Demonstrate the contribution of each person’s contribution to the business project

Bottom-up lifts

Stimulate the diversity of points of view, expertise and cultures

Distribution of responsibilities

Establish a climate of trust in the organization by empowering the teams

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  • Muriel Louapres
    Maître de conférence
    @IUT Paris Descartes

    Dynamique et impliqué, Romain Maltrud est un enseignant très apprécié des étudiants de la LP Chef de projet de communication (IUT Paris Descartes) où il est intervenu plusieurs années durant. Il apporte à la formation sa connaissance pointue du secteur, et un pragmatisme bienvenu dans une formation courte et professionnalisante, qui accueille aussi bien des étudiants de formation initiale que des adultes en formation continue.

  • Jenny Le Doridour
    Founding Partner
    @Orbiss, Inc

    I worked with Romain for 1 year as an extern accountant. Romain has a good creative spirit to develop and setup software to help and organize the company. He is a good communicant and it has been a pleasure to work with him. I would highly recommend to hire him as he is an exceptional project manager and a dedicated worker who will bring success to your firm.

  • Guillem Domingo
    Abogado especialista en Derecho de Empresa y en Fiscalidad Internacional

    Colaboré con Romain cuando ocupaba el puesto de responsable financiero de un gran Grupo Francés, coordinando con maestría las distintas filiales en el mundo. En este periodo, me sorprendió de Romain su alta capacidad reactiva y proactividad, demostrando su capacidad de adaptación a las circunstancias y empatía hacia terceros. Su gran formación y experiencia le garantiza el éxito en cualquier proyecto en los que intervenga.

  • Divya Chakravarthy
    Youtube Strategic Program Manager - Creator Content

    Romain was an inspiration to work with and an absolute wizard when it came to automating processes and analysing data. For a company that was spread across 8 countries with each having its own financial systems and procedures, Romain created a tool that seamlessly integrated them all together and made sense of the company’s standing at any point of time.

    He is unfazed at the sign of trouble and takes control of any situation ensuring an efficient and long term solution. As someone who was new to finance, Romain helped me understand and run finances for the company without breaking into a sweat.


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